Master’s thesis project in machine learning

Do you have dedication, drive and skills to work at the edge of technology? We are looking for enthusiastic students for a master’s thesis project. The project will be in the field of machine learning for microwave-based medical diagnostics for stroke and traumatic brain bleedings, but the focus of the project can to some degree be influenced by the students.

If you are interested you are welcome to contact us at Please use “Master’s thesis project” as mail subject and include your CV. Questions are answered by Harald Jacobsson at +46 722 44 96 65

About Medfield Diagnostics

Medfield Diagnostics develops microwave technology-based devices and associated signal processing algorithms that aim to identify intracranial bleeding caused by trauma or stroke – already in the ambulance. These products will set the stage for future prehospital diagnosis and treatment – saving lives, human suffering and huge costs for the society. For more information: