• Health Economics

    Early diagnosis saves lives

    There is a great need for portable and rapid methods to improve screening of patients with brain injuries. Pre-hospital diagnosis can save lives, minimise disability and thereby save money for society.

  • Company

    Early diagnosis of brain injury

    Medfield Diagnostics AB (publ) aims to improve diagnosis of brain injuries. Early diagnosis will enable faster treatment, minimising unnecessary suffering, improving outcomes and lead to cost savings for healthcare and society.

  • Technology

    Microwave based medical device

    Medfield develops microwave based systems intended for use in both in pre-hospital and hospital settings, primarily to screen patients with brain injuries.



  • Watch Stefan Blomsterberg’s presentation at ProHearings on Februari 19, 2021.

    Duration: 30 min

  • On September 10, Medfield Diagnostics AB hosted a Health Minister’s visit from Australia NSW. The Minister and his delegation were particularly interested in discussing Medfield’s opportunities to collaborate in the development of pre-hospital stroke and trauma care and the use of the Medfield MD100 system.

    The background to the visit is Medfield’s ongoing collaboration with the Hunter Medical Research Institute, which includes clinical verification of Medfield’s MD100 system.