Best poster at the London Trauma Conference 2014

Stefan Candefjord, associate professor Nils Petter Oveland at University of Stavanger et al. recently won first prize for their poster at the London Trauma Conference 2014 presenting their work on developing new point-of-care diagnostics for pneumothorax using microwave technology. The poster described the pilot study using a microwave belt developed by Chalmers in collaboration with Medfield Diagnostics for measurements  using the porcine model of pneumothorax developed by Nils Petter Oveland et al.
Stefan Candefjord forskarassistent Nils Petter Oveland
The project is a collaboration between University of Stavanger/Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation/Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Chalmers/MedTech West/SAFER (Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers) and Medfield Diagnostics. Researchers involved are Stefan Candefjord, Mikael Elam, Mikael Persson, Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Andreas Fhager and Rubén Buendía from Sweden, together with the colleagues in Norway Nils Petter Oveland, Marianne Oropeza-Moe and Nina Gjerde Andersen.