Have you registered for ESOC 2018 in Gothenburg in 16-18 May?

Come visit us in booth #16!

We share the booth with German company Meytec as we have common interests in prehospital management of stroke patients.

If prehospital care is in your interest, please come visit the booth #16 to discuss your ideas with us. We are interested in getting you engaged. You are welcome to pass by any time during the conference, or to send a reply and book a meeting with us at your preferred timing.

The booth will be equipped with a Strokefinder MD100, and we are looking for healthy volunteers to provide measurement data for algorithm development*.  So, take the opportunity to try out the MD100 and add data to the algorithm!

ESOC 2018 information and registration can be found here.

Hope to see you there!

Medfield Diagnostics team

*The research is approved by the Regional Ethics Committee and Swedish Medical Products Agency.