Medfield Diagnostics AB (publ) signs MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Italian company GS Medical.

Medfield Diagnostics AB and GS Medical has today agreed to explore sales opportunities of MD100 Strokefinder in selected regions in Italy. First step will be to find a suitable site for a PoC (Proof of Concept) in Italy, this work will commence immediately after the summer vacation periods.
Medfield has, as previously communicated, also an active MoU with the Italian company Promed s.r.l of Turin. Together with GS Medical, Medfield has increased opportunities of sales and marketing of MD100 Strokefinder covering most regions in Italy.
In Italy there are approximately 130 Stroke-centers spread out over 20 regions. In 2018 more than 12 000 IVT (Intravenous Thrombolysis) were reported as well as more than 4300 EVT (Endovascular Thrombectomy) procedures.
In 2017 Stroke incidence was over 70 000 patients, Stroke prevalence was over 350 000 patients and over 75 000 Stroke related deaths. Since 2016 the prevalence rate of Stroke has increased from 4.1 to 4.7%
GS Medical is a Milan based company active over the majority of Italy since 20 years. Sales are supported by an effective promotion of products, carried out through direct sales to qualified medical and paramedical staff, as well as head physicians of hospital units and administrative and financial departments.
Scientific activity is carried out via constant participation in trade fairs and conferences and a thorough research of innovative solutions in the medical field.
In the upcoming years, GS MEDICAL will continue to renew itself, keeping up with the latest updates in a constantly evolving sector, and enhancing its reliability and efficiency with local stakeholders.
“Italy is very regionally orientated in terms of Healthcare and together with GS Medical and Promed we now have increased our opportunities of covering most regions in Italy. This goes very well into Medfields ambition and strategy to put the company in a position where we can offer the MD100 Strokefinder-technology to the entire Italian market”, says Jonas Liljedal Director of Sales and Marketing at Medfield Diagnostics.

Denna information är sådan som Medfield Diagnostics är skyldigt att offentliggöra enligt EU:s marknadsmissbruksförordning (EU nr 596/2014). Informationen lämnades, genom angiven kontaktpersons försorg, för offentliggörande 2023-07-13 15:56 CET.
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Medfield Diagnostics har som mål att underlätta diagnostiseringen av stroke och huvudtrauma. Om man på ett tidigt stadium kan avgöra om patienten har en stroke eller inte, skulle behandlingsprocessen kunna påskyndas och rätt behandling sättas in betydligt tidigare än idag. Därigenom kan det elimineras mycket lidande hos drabbade patienter och det skulle kunna sparas mycket stora vård- och rehabiliteringskostnader för samhället.