Medfield on FLISA

Flisa (The Association of Management for Swedish Ambulance) holds an annual conference that brings together the entire Nordic pre-hospital care.

The program includes two and a half-day seminars, exhibitions with the latest in equipment and the opportunity for meetings and networking.

This year, Medfield was in place with Dag Jungenfelt (CEO), Agneta Franksson (board member) and Bengt Arne Sjökvist (board member). It was very rewarding days full of interesting meetings with potential partners and in particular with representatives of pre-hospital care. An area that both Agneta Franksson and Bengt Arne Sjöqvist have extensive experience.

“There is a great demand for Strokefinder. When we encounter those who have regional responsibilities in the pre-hosptal care they express the importance of the product may have for stroke care and have ideas on how to get started with projects in their respective regions,” says Dag Jungenfelt.

The picture shows Day Jungenfelt in conversation with Hans-Allan Martinsson from Nilsson Special Vehicles AB.