Medfield awarded at the 2018 Defence TechConnect Summit and Expo

Medfield Diagnostics AB received the 2018 TechConnect Defence Innovation Award at the Defence TechConnect Summit and Expo with the motivation:

Filling a market gap, Medfield Diagnostics is pursuing development, validation and commercialisation of MD100 as a potential disruptor on the global market for acute stroke and trauma diagnosis. MD100 is a portable, affordable, cost effective and easy-to-use diagnostic device to be used in readily available regular ambulances and emergency hospitals. The goal of MD100 is to enable early diagnosis of bleeding in the brain originating from stroke or trauma in order to start adequate treatment already in the ambulance, thereby reducing the risk of death and long-term morbidity. The device will redefine the standard medical procedures for stroke and trauma, enable faster pharmacological intervention, and thus have a significant impact on the improved survival and the overall long-term clinical outcomes for patients, as well as saving costs for society. The goal is also to improve the efficiency in the pre-hospital acute care organisation by offering a device that will guide the ambulance and the patient to the right health care service provider. MD100 has already attracted attention of influential KOLs in the major EU-based medical centres in e.g. Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK. The MD100 is cheaper, easy to use, mobile and harmless to the patient and users.

We are proud to announce our selection as a 2018 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee.  The annual TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards  recognizes the top 15% of submitted Challenge technologies as ranked by the Selection Committee.  To learn more about the Defense TechConnect Summit and Expo, one of the most well-attended defense events of the year, visit: