Strokefinder to London

Press Release 2013-03-07

Medfield Diagnostics initiates conversation with the first British hospitals within the project Testbeds UK 2012

As a direct result of being a part of Testbeds UK 2012 Medfield Diagnostics has begun discussions with the first two British hospitals. The Royal London Hospital and University College London Hospital have shown interest of Strokefinder in this initial stage. The plan is to start test installations of Strokefinder in the beginning of this summer.

It was last fall that the Swedish Trade Council in Great Britain and Ireland, started the pilot project International Testbeds UK 2012. The purpose is to help a handful of innovative Swedish medical technology companies, including Medfield Diagnostics with the introduction of its products, by helping them to test installations at some of the top-rated British and Irish NHS (National Health Service) hospitals. Strokefinder will now facilitate stroke diagnoses in the British Isles. Royal London Hospital and University College London Hospital are the first two hospitals in the project.

The test installations will give Medfield Diagnostics valuable information and comments on its stroke diagnostic tools from English and Irish healthcare providers. The hospitals will provide relevant feedback, long-term evaluations and become strong references to use in Medfield’s international expansion.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to enter the UK market”, says Dag Jungfelt, CEO of Medfield Diagnostics. “The talks have been both positive and concrete, where our interlocutors see the benefits and the profits they can make by Strokefinder. It is important that we get access to opinion-forming customers at an early stage that will pave the way for future sales”.

In the UK suffer each year over 150,000 people, there is one person every five minutes, some form of stroke, either a stroke or blood clot. Strokefinder provides a quick diagnosis of the stroke so that proper treatment can be administered as soon as possible.