Successful appearance

Successful appearance at Akuttmedisinsk seminar in Norway

On Sunday, August 26, Medfield Diagnostics’ CEO Patrik Dahlqvist made an appreciated presentation at the Akuttmedisinsk seminar in Oslo. Judging by the extensive and accurate questions, Strokefinder brought great interest to doctors, medical students and professionals. Strokefinder, which uses microwaves to quickly diagnose the cause of a stroke, would make great use of emergency care, no one doubted. The goal is that the Strokefinder in the future will be used to make a diagnosis as soon as in the ambulance. Much suffering and medical costs can thus be eliminated.

Patrik Dahlqvist’s lecture described the Strokefinders entire development journey and the idea of ​​how the work in emergency situations will look like. This was appreciated by the audience that showed great interest in the subsequent question time. Medfield Diagnostics’ first product Strokefinder R10 is in clinical trials at the Stroke Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, with promising results. Although a supervisory Strokefinder for TIA patients have been developed. TIA (Trans Ischemic Attack) involves a very high risk of stroke within the first days.

It was fun and inspiring to meet so many knowledgeable and interested people, says Patrik Dahlqvist. Many here are students and future health care providers. To tell about Strokefinder for them and get the response is very inspiring. We made many new contacts with potential partners and future distributors.

Akuttmedisinsk seminar is the annual seminar organized by the Norwegian al students association. The purpose of the seminar is to enhance emergency medical knowledge and interest among healthcare professionals. The seminar focuses on emergency medical topics through lectures and workshops, where participants have a broad theoretical and practical method for acute medical field – Throughout the acute process, from assessment to treatment in the emergency room and intensive care unit to the monitoring on general wards. The idea is to give a general introduction to the known acute medical problems in the diagnostic work and measures that will be important tools for health care professionals in the acute care sector.

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