Medtech Machine-Learning Developer


Medfield Diagnostics is in the final clinical verification stage of its prehospital stroke detection product and will soon launch it on the market – saving lives, human suffering and huge costs for the society. But this is just the beginning. Utilizing our unique microwave technology and deep machine-learning expertise, we now want to expand our capabilities not only to make more precise diagnosis, but also to diagnose other conditions such as trauma bleedings or distinguish bleeding stroke from stroke caused by a clot. At the heart of this development is our skilled machine-learning developer team, which we are now seeking to strengthen. This is a unique opportunity for you to join our dedicated team at a very exciting time for the company.

About the role

As a machine-learning developer, you are expected to have a vital role in the R&D team to solve problems and identify improvements using measurements, simulations and theoretical analysis. Your main area of responsibility is the planning and development of machine learning methods on all levels, from preprocessing and data handling to benchmarking, verification and deployment. The data sources you will work with cover simulation data, phantom data as well as clinical data. Methods you may use include deep learning and classical classifiers but also data augmentation techniques, e.g., GANs. You will also communicate with our clinical trial centers to ensure the integrity, quality and structure of clinical data. Apart from your main focus area, you will also be involved in specification and verification of other R&D aspects in the company.

We expect you to have

  • A PhD or a M.Sc. preferably with a few years work experience in machine-learning and classification algorithm development, both theoretically and practically.
  • Proficiency in Python and machine learning packages such as Tensorflow or Pytorch is advantageous, as is coding quality and quality assurance using coding standards such as pep8.
  • Experience in the following areas are further advantages:
    • Embedded Software development, Matlab, networks analyzers, calibration, antennas, s-parameters, electromagnetic interference
  • Experience from medical devices is an advantage but not a requirement
  • Ability to clearly express yourself orally and written in English.

To be successful in this role you need to be analytic and pay attention to details. You are able to handle uncertainty, are open to change and like a challenge. You also have an innovative mind and takes own initiatives.

Last but not least, result orientation and dedication are musts. Medfield is still a small company where you will be involved in all aspects of R&D.  You must be a team player that enjoys working with others, and you shall be willing to assist wherever needed and walk the extra mile to achieve our goals.

We look forward to reviewing your qualifications and hope to contact you soon.

Send your application, including a CV, to with “Machine-Learning Developer” as mail subject. Questions are answered by Harald Jacobsson at +46 722 44 96 65

About Medfield Diagnostics

Medfield Diagnostics develops microwave technology-based devices and associated signal processing algorithms that aim to identify stroke and bleedings in the brain already in the ambulance. Be it to differentiate between bleeding and clot related strokes or to optimize the care process for traumatic brain injuries. These products set the stage for future, pre-hospital stroke and trauma diagnosis and treatment.

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