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Technical Product Manager – Medfield Diagnostics AB

We are seeking a qualified Technical Product Manager that will make a difference in taking Medfield Diagnostics from being a promising start-up with unique technology to becoming a company that delivers high-quality products that will change pre-hospital diagnosis – and save lives. Medfield Diagnostics is a truly networked company. Internally, we are a small core-team, setting the agenda and driving execution.

About the job
As Technical Product Manager you are expected to prepare and execute our product life cycle plans. This includes:

• Translate market requirements into technical specifications

• Prepare product decisions for new developments and continuous improvements

• Initiate, lead and follow up technical work – in-house as well as with our partners and suppliers

• Secure an effective and efficient system integration & verification process

• Guide and support clinical trials as well as new market introductions

• Follow up and act on in-field product quality issues

The Technical Product Manager is part of the Medfield core team and reports to the company CEO.

Medfield Diagnostics is a small company with unique technology that will address a well known but unresolved problem. There are no competitors that pave the way for us. We have to find all the answers and be flexible without loosing sight of the goal.

• Breadth is more important than depth. We rely on the expertise of our partners for the latest in antenna design, signal processing, clinical research, etc. – but you need to be a competent speaking partner and the expert in terms of providing the full picture and making the trade-offs.

• Team is more important than individual. Even though you are expected to make significant individual contributions, success only comes when all pieces fall into place. Your ability as a team player, as well as a leader and individualist, will be instrumental for reaching our goal.

We believe that you, as a minimum, have a master degree in technology and have worked a number of years with relatively complex hardware and software based systems. You are familiar with both microwaves and signal processing, at the same time as you understand the usability aspects of our products. We don’t expect you to know our technology and business environment from start, but assume you are a curious and quick learner.

Last but not least, result orientation and dedication is a must. Medfield is still a small company and you will contribute to a culture where we walk that extra mile to achieve our goals – and then take part in celebrating our success!

Please submit your application at your earliest convenience, as interviews will be held continuously.
For further information regarding the process please contact Recruitment Consultant Susanne Hjälmered at + 46 (0) 73-357 36 39, susanne.hjalmered@dfind.se .

For specific technical questions please contact: CEO – Dag Jungenfelt at +46 (0) 70-987 28 27, dag.jungenfelt@medfielddiagnostics.com

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